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Web Developer, App Developer, Student

Web Developer
App Developer

Something about me...

I am a Front-end/Back-end and Application developer


Welcome to my website!
My name is Luuk Kenselaar, I am 18 years old and I'm currently living in The Netherlands.
Im currently studying Application- and Mediadevelopment.
I like to work with computers and I am interested in Web/App Development.
At this course we are learning basic languages such as C#, Java, PHP, SQL, HTML and CSS.
I chose this course because i wanted to learn more about programming and software development.
After i finish this course i want to study Computer Science.
In my freetime I mostly play games with friends or code.
Check my Github for my Git repo's.
I'm currently working at where I'am doing the IT.
Bootzeil is a company that makes custom covers for boats/furniture.
My tasks are fixing bugs and adding new things to the website. If something tech related is broken I will try to fix it.

  • Birthday: 17 july 2000 (18)
  • Languages: Dutch, English
  • Hobby's: Movies, Programming, Games's

More about me:


Work experience...

  • IT'er @ Bootzeil (nov. 2017 - now)
  • Responsible for the website, marketing via social media, hardware/software.

  • Baker @ Vomar (jan. 2016 - nov. 2017)
  • Responsible of managing the stock at the bakery

  • Merchandiser @ Vomar (aug. 2015 - nov. 2017)
  • Responsible of managing the stock in the supermarket

  • Merchandiser @ Budget Food (aug. 2015 - may. 2015)
  • Responsible for different tasks at the supermarket.

  • Deliverer @ Spotta (may. 2013 - march. 2014)



  • Good PHP knowledge
  • Good HTML knowledge
  • Average OOP knowledge
  • Average CSS knowledge
  • Average MySQL knowledge
  • Basic C# knowledge
  • Basic Java knowledge
  • Basic C++ knowledge


  • Good IntelliJ Idea knowledge
  • Basic Vagrant knowledge:
  • Good Windows knowledge
  • Good MacOS knowledge
  • Average Linux knowledge
  • Average Git knowledge
  • Good Dutch lang. knowledge
  • Average English lang. knowledge

Things I like to do...

Build websites

Experiment with coding

Play games

Current Projects...

Find info about Steam users.
Made with Umit Canbolat
2018 - present

Oryx Network

A social network made at school.
Made with Umit en Casper
2018 - present

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